Lake Esmond

Lake Esmond

Visit Lake Esmond in Ballarat for a tranquil and relaxing afternoon. The lake is situated on the corner of Larter Street and Lal Lal Street.

Originally a quarry for the local Eureka Tile Works until 1982, the park was named after the discovery of gold and Eureka Stockade leader, James Esmond.

Today it’s just an invaluable recreational space for nature lovers, bird observers and family picnics.



The park has been planted with thousands of native plants from shrubs, flowers to huge trees including many rare species.

There are fantastic BBQ facilities, a playground for the kids, amenities and a variety of relaxed and tranquil walking trails surrounding the lake.

Great for an afternoon to catch the sunset, or an early morning walk, take advantage of Ballarat’s beautiful natural spaces at Lake Esmond.



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