The Charming Old Town of Talbot

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The small charming town of Talbot could easily be missed when travelling in Country Victoria, it’s located on Route 287, about fifty kilometres north of Ballarat.

It’s a great place for a day trip and is perfect for Ballarat locals too.

Arrive on a quiet weekday afternoon and this small town with it’s population of around 300 could appear to be a ghost town, but it’s a different story on weekends. Many people visit from nearby Ballarat and Maryborough and there are brilliant market days that attract tourists and locals alike.

The town lies in the area known as the Golden Triangle and it is steeped in history from the Gold Rush days of the 1850s.

The town is perhaps best known as a contrast to the wealthy mansions and grand public buildings of bustling Ballarat.

The town sprung up as rumours of gold arose in the 1840s, by 1852 a major find was uncovered and the rush was on in Talbot. Reports from the time indicate around 50,000 miners set up camp in Talbot and the dig site remains.

There’s plenty to see and do with fantastic old buildings, a legacy of the gold boom and the town features a popular restaurant, art galleries and a laid back atmosphere. Wander down the main street to find the Old Post Office, a quaint old pub and Historical Society and Museums housed in archaic but beautiful old churches.


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