Creswick Woollen Mills


Creswick Woollen Mills is the only remaining woollen coloured spinning mill left of its type in Australia and it’s a great attraction for day trippers, holiday makers and tour groups both large and small.

‘A Very Fine Yarn’

The Mill’s tourism experience ‘A Very Fine Yarn’ is a showcase of the journey of the product. From it’s source on the alpaca through the fascinating manufacturing process to how it ends up on the shelf.

It’s a fantastic insight into how luxurious natural fibres are created and gives a great perspective of a local Australian manufacturing industry.

It’s also an interactive experience – touch and feel the luxurious and natural fibres and learn the curious facts about the mill’s history and creation.

After you’re done with the tour and learnt the history of the textile itself, you may be inspired to browse and purchase products made right at the mill. Drop into one of the two tourism stores in Creswick in Railway Parade or Vincent St in Daylesford, where you can view knitwear, accessories and homewares.

Exhibit opening times: 11am, 12noon, 1pm, and 2pm.
Cost: $15 per adult, discounted admission for seniors and group bookings, children are free.

Bookings and Contact:
Call 03 5345 2202
Email [email protected]

To find out more, visit:

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2 reviews

  1. jeet, November 11, 2016 5:18 pm - Creswick Woollen Mills

    These are very cute

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  2. Andy, May 16, 2019 2:50 pm - Creswick Woollen Mills

    I purchased one of their products, alpaca booties, and after 3 months of wear the soles tore and came away from the boot. After contacting their customer relations they did everything but accuse me of misuse of the product, blaming me for the product failing. Citing narrow design, indoor use and time passed as possible reasons for the product failing. Their solution was to offer a discount on buying another pair.

    I’m sorry but this is not good enough. You can’t honestly say that the life expectancy of these footwear is 3 months? A pair of socks last longer. Under Australian consumer affairs law I am entitled to a full refund for a faulty product. This company has such poor customer service that they think they are above this law.

    I would not recommend buying anything else from this company.

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