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Ballarat at night

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It's easy to see how great Ballarat is by day, but don't think this ends when the sun goes down! Ballarat is a city that truly comes alive during the evenings and there are still plenty of things to keep you soldiering on. A vibrant entertainment scene consisting of outstanding local pubs and bars will ensure there is a venue and activity to suit every taste. Whether

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Horseback Adventure Awaits

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Vibrant rural living abounds in Ballarat, history and adventure all in one place. Come and enjoy the beautiful trails and the country hospitality, and what better way to experience this than to do it on horseback. There are plenty of great places to go riding, and plenty of steady horses to take you on, whether you’re a beginner looking to go for your first ride, or

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Ballarat – literally a historical goldmine!

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For much of the 1800s almost everyone in the world wanted to come to Victoria. When gold was discovered in 1823 the flow of wide-eyed prospectors started as a trickle and by 1851 it bad become a full blown torrent. Strikes at the Central Victorian towns of Bendigo, Beechworth and our own Ballarat, sparked a second rush and soon two tonnes a week of the precious metal

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Four reasons barefoot bowls are underrated

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Don’t ask us why, but there’s something about bowling that just gets you in. Most of the younger crowd these days goes for the 10 pin variety of bowling these days, and that’s hardly surprising. With the bright lights, music, video games and even laser tag in some venues, it just looks so much more exciting. But we’re here to tell you that lawn bowling is not

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