Ballarat Botanical Gardens


The Ballarat Botanical Gardens Reserve is located on the western shore of the picturesque Lake Wendouree in Ballarat. The reserve covers 40 hectares that are divided into three distinct zones.

The central zone preserves the Victorian style of pleasure garden and it’s a remarkable collection of flowers and trees.

Open parkland buffers this garden on either side and these two areas are known as the North and South Gardens, perfect for a picnic, outdoor game or just to relax on the thick grass.

The Ballarat Botanical Gardens contains a remarkable collection of mature trees and marble statues that are set among colourful displays.


One of the must do short walks of the gardens is known as Prime Ministers Avenue, a feature of national significance.  It’s a collection of busts of Australian Prime Ministers set in Horse Chestnut Avenue. Prime Ministers are displayed as bronze portraits mounted on polished granite pedestals.

There’s also a collection of marble statues, a gift from a wealthy citizen  in 1884 plus many more items and features of interest.

The gardens are a haven for native wildlife, with plenty of different species of fish, birds and mammals to see as you explore around.

There are some great guided tours you can take that highlight the history and stories of the gardens while pointing out the best bits. Tours can be held to accommodate larger groups and catering is available.  They can also be customised to meet interests and needs.

The Ballarat Botanical Gardens are a must see when visiting Ballarat


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