Ballarat Bird World

Ballarat Bird World - Australian Galah Cockatoo Pair nuzzling

Ballarat Bird World is an enjoyable and inexpensive way to spend a few hours, and it’s a must for bird-lovers!

The little ones will love interacting with the birds as they go about their business and even learning more about them from the passionate couple that run the park and from the educational and informative plaques scattered throughout.

There’s a huge range of Aussie birds on display including beautiful parrots, cockatoos parakeets and more.

Totally relaxed, wander through the scenic locale or sit back and enjoy a cuppa with our feathered friends in their habitat.

The wide boardwalks that wind throughout the location mean it’s easily accessible for prams, wheelchairs and walkers, the pathways stretch between individual flight aviaries as well as a huge, walk-through free flight aviary.

Many of these birds are rarely seen in the wild and it’s a great opportunity to see them up close and not on a screen.

There’s an entry fee but Ballarat Bird World well priced and quite cheap, it’s a fantastic way to spend a morning or afternoon.

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